Write an “Op-Ed” or Letter to the Editor

The Op-Ed and Letters to the Editor sections are among the most widely read sections of the newspaper. Publication of an op-ed or letter will assure your views will reach many people.

WRITE The Bulletin

Please address your submission to either My Nickel’s Worth or In My View and send, fax or e-mail them to The Bulletin. E-mail submissions are preferred. Click here for The Bulletin Submission Guidelines

E-mail: letters@bendbulletin.com
Write: My Nickel’s Worth OR In My View
P.O. Box 6020
Bend, OR 97708
Fax: 541-385-5804

WRITE The Source Weekly

Submit your letter to the editorial staff at The Source, through this Contact Us form.


The following tips will help you get published and persuade others:

• Follow a paper’s letter to edit rules to a “T.”
• Reference a recent event or news item—your letter may be run more quickly
• Reference other letters by the writer’s name or in substance. Papers have a letters page as a place for community dialogue—so make it a dialogue and your letter may receive higher preference
• Keep the letter to a single main point. Then provide two or three very clear subpoints to drive the argument home
• If you cite a fact, provide the name of the source but not a messy URL
• Use clear, straightforward sentences. Try to have a powerful closing sentence.
• Offer a short headline for your letter
• We know that news articles discussing solutions are viewed as more credible by readers. The same is true for letters to editors.

The following are pitfalls that make letters weak, and may prevent them from being published:

• Do not make unsubstantiated claims. A picky paper like The Bulletin will send your letter back for revision
• Try not to use inflammatory words, insults or namecalling—they will cause some to simply stop reading and cause your letter to be viewed as less credible
• It’s alright to call out the newspaper for its reporting or stance, but don’t say things that aren’t really true about the staff
• Avoid long sentences or lots of numbers and statistics. Readers will simply move on
• Do not be anonymous—it weakens your stance. Most papers require your full name, phone number and address before printing your letter. Again, be sure to check the guidelines of the newspaper to which you are submitting