What’s at Stake:

2 million dollars of funding is at stake through Regional Solutions Advisory Committee Projects for two key projects regarding OSU-Cascades, with the Ways and Means Committee as they proceed on HB 5030.

A. Funding for the Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship at OSU-Cascades, which enhances economic development and creates jobs in the region, as it assists Small Businesses to succeed and grow.

B. Funding for the Transformational Transportation System, which will assist with transportation between our cities, for both job and education purposes as well as reducing congestion on our regions roads. Included in the bill is the Park and Ride Lot at the south-end of Redmond.

Contact your Oregon State legislative representatives and the Ways and Means Committee in support of the OSU-Cascades Campus expansion, and to request funding through House Bill 5030 (HB 5030) and Senate Bill 5525 (SB 5525).

Write your letter today – before the Legislature adjourns on June 30th.

View this Sample Letter to Legislators.

Central Oregon State Legislators
State Capitol, 900 Court St NE, Salem, OR 97301

Representative Knute Buehler
Representative John Huffman
Senator Tim Knopp
Representative Mike McLane
Representative Gene Whisnant


Oregon Ways and Means Leadership (Oversees critical funding)


Rep. Peter Buckley
Sen. Richard Devlin

Co-vice chairs

Rep. Nancy Nathanson
Rep. Greg Smith
Sen. Betsy Johnson
Sen. Jackie Winters

Rep. David Gomberg
Rep. John Huffman
Rep. Betty Komp
Rep. Mike McLane
Rep. Dan Rayfield
Rep. Tobias Read
Rep. Gene Whisnant
Rep. Gail Whitsett
Rep. Jennifer Williamson
Sen. Ginny Burdick
Sen. Fred Girod
Sen. Bill Hansell
Sen. Rod Monroe
Sen. Arnie Roblan
Sen. Chip Shields
Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Sen. Chuck Thomsen
Sen. Doug Whitsett

What to Say? View this Sample Letter to Legislators.