Now for Bend is a coalition of community members, businesses, and organizations working to establish a four-year OSU-Cascades campus in the heart of Bend. Led by former educator Janie Evey Teater and business leader Amy Tykeson, the coalition supports a westside university location that will provide access to affordable higher education now, and a more stable economy. VIEW THE COALITION MEMBERS IN ACTIVE SUPPORT OF NOW FOR BEND

“Having a four year university here is the missing piece when it comes to opportunities for educational and economic advancement. If we don’t establish a campus on the Westside now, we will likely wait 10 to 20 more years. That leaves a generation without options. As a former teacher, I am appalled that Oregon has among the lowest high school graduation rates in the nation. Most people don’t realize we are at the bottom of that list, or that poverty is pervasive in many of our local schools. There are kids in Central Oregon who don’t have access to higher education and can’t afford to leave the region to get it,” said Janie Evey Teater, Now for Bend’s co-coordinator.


Amy Photo“A key ingredient for a stable economy is a thriving university” said Amy Tykeson, co-coordinator for Now for Bend. “The healthy, sustainable communities known for livability, innovation and economic development all have a four-year college. Bend has all the elements of a great community, with one glaring exception. This campus turns us toward the future with opportunities for students to advance and businesses to succeed.”



Now for Bend — Recent Survey Shows Overwhelming Community Support for Higher Education Options and Economic Opportunities through expansion of OSU-Cascades. Survey Results and Highlights are available at this page.